Thursday, January 28, 2016

Fl Studio 12 download - Direct download link!

Hello Guys

As i promised iam going to share with you how to download Fl Studio 12 for free. This version comes with FL Studio 12 crack so you dont have to worry about license..I have seen a few websites and a lot of stupid videos offering the software without crack. Be careful with youtube videos, the uploader has full controll over the comment section, so he just display the comments what he wants to see...negative comments gets deleted. My personal favourite site is "getdawsandvsts", these guys share only working softwares with crack files and serial numbers.I have downloaded over 10 softwares and plugins and everything works perfectly.
Click if you are looking for Fl studio 12 download. If you guys have any questions regarding the installation, please use THEIR contact form...They always replied me in time, if for some resasons you dont get an answer from them, then feel free to message me here...

My other personal favourites beside FL Studio 12 is Ableton live 9,Steinberg Cubase 8, Avid Pro tools 12, Cakewalk sonar and Propellerhead reason. Check this video , the TOP 5 best daw in 2015.

Ps...i just realized that he is also recommending the same website.